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What is it like to have Asperger’s Syndrome? — Episode #418 is up now

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Commentary, opinions, allegations, conspiracy theories, complaints, observations and a few accurate statements about life in Krakow from three guys who mostly know what they're talking about


Wednesday Aug 03, 2022

Kuba Widlarz was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as a teenager. He joined us to talk about what it means to have Asperger's and gave us some insights into many aspects of the disorder that you might not be familiar with. Join us and listen to Kuba's story and learn more about this increasingly common diagnosis on the Autism spectrum. 

Friday Jul 29, 2022

The news is back and so is the beach at Hotel Forum (next year), little dragons are almost ready to go, murder in the center of town, universal basic income comes to Poland, the Polish Senate welcomes Sweden & Finland to NATO and more. 

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

There are some places and things that are part of any conversation about Poles and the holidays they take. Join us as we go down the list of cliches that define Polish habits when it comes to enjoying a week or two off and add "parawan" to your list of must-know Polish words. 

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

After a review of Hungarian profanity, we move on to Poles and their strange relationship with water, Zakzrowek will be year, "Free Ukraine Square" in Krakow, scams take advantage of old people and more. 

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Poles REALLY support U.S. troops in Poland, pass rates for the Matura, Papa Smurf makes the rules in Krakow, reaction to attempts to catch ticket-cheaters, the Krakow Airport apologizes, Krakow has amazing Spanish restaurant we've never heard of and more. 

Wednesday Jul 06, 2022

We start with more proof that any story is better with "naked" in it and a story about sex on a bench. After that, it's no more cheating on buses and trams, penalties for the people who drive them, ugly signs come down, what to do with Hotel Forum and OMG THE RABBIT CAFE IS COMING!!!!

Saturday Jun 25, 2022

Anyone who lives in Krakow has seen them many times — groups of Israeli high school kids on trips to visit various places associated with Jewish history. After being suspended in 2020 because of Covid, these trips were supposed to resume this summer but have been canceled by the Israelis after a dispute over some of the details of how the trips are organized. Listen as we discuss what the argument is all about and if there is a solution going forward. 

Tuesday Jun 21, 2022

Our first news of official summertime covers locks disappearing on one bridge and an insane design on another, skateboarders like the Grunwalk monument for their own reasons, death on an electric scooter, strip clubs finally get, uh, busted and a rare example of "good" graffiti disappears. 

Friday Jun 17, 2022

Hungarian is a strange language but we love it anyway. Join us as TWO experts guide us through the unique sounds, absurdly long alphabet and references to horse anatomy that make this Europe's most mysterious national language. And, yes, as usual, we include some seriously bad words. 

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

The news is back with Iga Świątek and her second win at the French Open, Wisła Kraków's tragicomedy gets even funnier, a Polish woman turns 116, wages are WAY up since last year, sign reform and ugly streets in Krakow, you cannot keep Poles away from a place to swim and more. 

Friday Jun 03, 2022

Join us as we talk about two studies that rank Poland last in Europe for both access to contraception and LGBT rights. After that, we look at statistics that show a dramatic decrease in the number of university students in Poland and that more than 60% of current students are female. What does it all mean? We're not sure but that doesn't stop us from offering very strong opinions on everything. 

Monday May 30, 2022

The news is ON, with updates about parking problems, an end to free rides for Ukrainians, most Poles still think Russia is a threat, U.S. troops to stay here permanently, Le-ROY MerLIN (or however you say it), 130 women for 100 men in Krakow, another example of how bomb jokes in airports just don't work and a brush with fame in our HQ.  

Thursday May 26, 2022

The Polish government places a lot of restrictions on various professions regarding how they can operate, just like any government. But there are some especially interesting restrictions on how lawyers in Poland have to work and a new law will add an indirect limitation on how doctors are used in advertisements for medical products. Listen as we discuss how these laws work (or will work) in practice and what the point of it all is. 

Tuesday May 24, 2022

The news is back with insulting ethnic slurs, Zakrzówek gets a makeover (and kills another person), another huge private student dormitory opens, a Good Lood update, little dragons will soon be all over town, drinking alcohol outside and Wisła Kraków goes down, down, down. 

Wednesday May 11, 2022

John has been open about his weird fascination with Eurovision and this week is a good time to talk about it since Poland has a chance to make the finals. Listen as we give a brief history of Poland's mostly disappointing history at Eurovision and speculate on how many millions of points Ukraine will get at this year's "competition". 

Thursday May 05, 2022

This week in the news, the Matura has high school students nervous, everyone except Dr. Mike is making a lot more money than they did last year, cat cafes weren't awful enough so now we have rabbit cafes and who really thinks that Krakow has amazing street food? Seriously, we want to know. 

Saturday Apr 30, 2022

In our second news of this week, we talk about coal mine disasters, how nobody likes skateboarders, France's Macron has some harsh words for the Polish PM, supermarket self-checkout fraud, Leroy Merlin and others attracting protests, the ongoing mystery of the blue sausage van at Hala Targowa, marathons, cheerleaders and boring European flags. 

Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

Among our totally random topics this week are vaccine shots, Iga Swiatek, nuclear power from Ukraine (?), Ryanair expanding in Poland, a mystery film crew in Krakow, new license place for cars in Krakow and pretty much everyone wants to go on strike. 

Friday Apr 22, 2022

Did you know that the numbers 2, 3 and 4 have some mystical, magical power in Polish? When you look at a door, do you see one or two of them? Did you know that humans and animals die differently in Polish? These are just some of the mysteries we discuss in this look at some "WTF?" aspects of Polish. 

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Ukrainian men are not allowed to leave the country and have to stay and fight or somehow help the war effort. What would Polish men do in a similar situation? It's a tough question with no one correct answer but we try to find one anyway in this discussion of how Poles would react to a theoretical Russian invasion. 


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